New safety rules (24.10.2020)

From October 24, 2020, new safety rules apply:

  • the whole country is in the red zone
  • teaching in grades 4-8 takes place remotely
  • universities and secondary schools conduct classes remotely
  • sports events take place without the participation of the public
  • the activities of swimming pools, aquaparks and gyms are suspended
  • the activities of sanatoriums are suspended (with the possibility of completing the ongoing stays)
  • eateries and restaurants – ban on stationary activities (only take-out and delivery)
  • in retail outlets with an area of ​​over 100 sq m, limited to 5 people per 1 cash desk
  • 50% of the seats or 30% of all seats may be occupied in public transport
  • limiting events, meetings, meetings and public gatherings to 5 people from outside the household
  • limiting the movement of people over 70 years of age, with the exception of:
    – performing professional activities
    – meeting the necessary needs of everyday life
    – exercising or participating in the performance of religious worship