105th anniversary of Poland’s independence

The history of Poland has been difficult and turbulent. Poles were losing their sovereignty and had to fight hard to regain their country. This was also the case in the 18th century. Poland lost its independence for many years. Three partitions (1772, 1793, 1795) resulted in the division of Poland between three powers: Russia, Prussia and Austria. Our country disappeared completely from the world map for a long 123 years. These powers did much to make the word Poland disappear not only from maps, but also from the heads and hearts of Poles.

Despite such a long period of destruction of the Polish spirit – it was sustained and on November 11, 1918 Poland regained its independence by appearing on the world map. In honor of this great victory, Independence Day was established, which is a national holiday, a day off work and in every city in Poland there are many celebrations more or less official to mark this day and remind us of the strength that is in our nation.

This will also be the case this year in Szczecin. In addition to the festival, the Independence Run, film screenings at the Delfin cinema organized by the Marshal’s Office and many other attractions, an interesting proposal is presented by the Cultural Center of the Euroregion Stara Rzeźnia in the form of a sea celebration of Independence Day.

The celebration will begin on 11.11 2023 at 11:00 am.

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