A unique Szczecin lake

Did you know that hidden in the Bukowa Forest is one of the most picturesque places in Szczecin? We are talking about the unique Emerald Lake, which, regardless of the season, is a great place to spend leisure time.

This unusual body of water was created in 1925 as a result of a disaster in a chalk mine. According to sources, workers encountered groundwater during their work, which completely flooded the mine. There is also a second, different version of events, which is sure to appeal to lovers of legends. It says that the culprit behind the flooding of the area is the greedy Skrabek, who hid a treasure at the bottom of the lake that is guarded to this day by the spirit of the forest.

Enthusiasts of the site claim that in good weather, remnants of the former mine can still be seen at the bottom of the lake, such as the carriages used for transportation or the tools of the workers. What’s more, a concrete bridge, which was one of the elements of the track used there at the time of the mine’s operation, has also been preserved here to this day.

Part of the uniqueness of Emerald Lake is its color, which is perfectly reflected in the lake’s very name. The reservoir owes its fabulous color to the high content of calcium carbonate found in the water and the reflection of sunlight from the chalky bottom. In sunny weather, the surface of the lake sparkles with amazing shades of color that will captivate even the most demanding walkers.

It is worth noting that the area around the Emerald Lake is not only an excellent recreational area, from which you can admire, among other things, the impressive panorama of the lower Oder Valley and Szczecin itself. It is also home to many species of animals – both birds and mammals. What’s more, bats can be found wintering there in nearby bunkers.

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