Application for urgent consideration of your case (ponaglenie) – official procedures

The general rule of expeditious proceedings is clarified in further provisions of the code, particularly Art. 35 §§ 1 and 3, under which public administrative bodies should act in every case without undue delay, and matters requiring proceedings should be resolved within one month, or two months in particularly complicated cases.

The Office have so many applications for legalization that often their employees are not able to issue a decision even in a year.

If your application is being considered far too long, you may consider submitting a request for urgent consideration of your case (ponaglenie).

The right to submit applications and complaints results directly from art. 63 of the Constitution. This right has been repeated in Art. 221 of the Code of Administrative Procedure.

You have the right to demand that your case be dealt with on time. The application for speeding up the case will be an impulse for the office, which takes too long to settle the case, to focus on the files of your proceedings.

If this is difficult for you, we invite you to visit the Information Center for Foreigners.