Artificial intelligence for children and young people

Artificial intelligence opens up a new world of opportunities for children to learn, be creative and solve problems.

It can be helpful, but it can also pose some risks. Sometimes artificial intelligence can make mistakes or give incorrect information, and children may not know that this is not always correct. It is important for adults to make sure that children use AI in a safe and supervised way, and to teach them how to be careful and wise when using AI.

The 13th edition of the free workshop “Code with Giants. In the kr(AI)no of the future” provides opportunities to introduce a child to the possibilities of artificial intelligence for free, to learn how to code, to be introduced to the world of digital opportunities under the guidance of qualified trainers. The action Code with Giants, is open to children and young people from all over Poland, and the classes have been divided into three age groups: 7-9 years old, 10-12 years old and 13-18 years old. The workshops will last until the end of September.

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