Black Week

The terms Black Friday and Black Week have appeared in Poland since 2015, and since then, the last Friday of November is when you can take advantage of many discount prices, both in traditional stores and online. Over the years, this day has become an important marketing event awaited by both sellers and customers. Retailers extended the deal by more days, and nowadays, we not only have a Black Friday, but we also have at least a Black Week. The highest discounts apply to electronics, clothing, footwear, and household appliances. 

However, it is important to use common sense and check whether “reduced” prices are truly so. All it takes is to compare the prices offered to us in stores with the prices listed on the websites. 

Some retailers inform that the goods purchased during this deal are not subject to warranty claims. It is illegal – no laws protecting consumer rights are invalid on this day. 

More information is available at the link below: 

In case of any problems, Consumer Ombudsman’s team will provide any needed assistance: