Bottle machines – a new convenience for Szczecin residents.

For one minute a million plastic bottles are produced in the world. In Poland, 220,000 tons of PET bottles are put on the market every year, and only 37.4 percent of them are recycled.

The idea of vending machines for plastic bottles – called bottle machines – is to change these statistics by mobilizing the public to be active in saving the environment.

Drop in a bottle – collect points and redeem them for prizes or a discount – this is the simplest way to describe the recycling process in a bottle machine. Insert the dry bottle with the appropriate side into the opening of the bottle machine, barcode side up. The bottle will be crushed and the customer user will receive points or cash or discount vouchers in his account in the app. There are step-by-step instructions on each device.

Bottle machines in Szczecin are located in the following places:

– near the entrance to the Dąbie swimming pool

– near the entrance to Arkonka

– near the Netto Arena hall

– at the entrance to the railway station (from Owocowa street)

– by the Majowe skatepark 

A loyalty application is assigned to the device, where we create an account and can collect points and exchange them for prizes. The RecomApp is available in the Apple Store and Google Play stores for free.

Having the app is not mandatory. We can take care of the environment without it as well.

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