Renovated TBS quarter invites tenants

Szczecin TBS is recruiting people willing to participate in the cost of building apartments for rent. The units are being built as part of the revitalization of Quarter 36. 

Quarter 36 is located in Szczecin within the area of Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego, Księcia Bogusława X, Małkowskiego, Bł Królowej Jadwigi streets. Currently, the interior of the Quarter is undergoing comprehensive reconstruction.

Those who contribute to the construction costs of the apartments will become tenants once they are built. TBS offers 14 units including: 8 one-room units of 35.39 sqm, three two-room small ones ( 46.93 sqm) and three two-room large ones (53.06 sqm).

The recruitment is taking place in accordance with the rules published on the company’s website:

Applications from those interested in participating in the project will be accepted on October 31, 2023. Documents should be submitted in person from 10 am to 3:30 pm at the office of Szczecin TBS at 45/U2 Królowej Jadwigi Street.