Residence document is a residence document in the mObywatel mobile application. It is available to foreigners covered by the Special Act who have a PESEL UKR number and set up a Trusted Profile. To use this application, it is necessary to: 

• cross the border after February 24, 2022; 

• assigned PESEL number (with the stamp “Person with UKR status”); 

• login and password to a Trusted Profile; 

• a phone with the appropriate version of Android or IOS; 

• Internet access. 

The data from this application act as a residence permit and is used, together with a valid travel document, to cross the external border of the EU. It also allows you to move within the Schengen area for 90 days every 180 days. 

The data placed in the system is encrypted and certified. The certificate also confirms the authenticity of the data. The certificate will be obtained when the program is activated. Even after losing the phone, personal data is safe – it is protected not only by the encrypted record but also by the unlock code and password selected when activating the program. 

More information:–elektroniczny-dokument-dla-uchodzcow-wojennych-z-ukrainy