Szczecin Civic Budget

Admission for Szczecin Civic Budget is open! Szczecin Civic Budget is a particular type of social consultation, whose aim is to involve residents in the process of deciding how to spend part of the budget of the City of Szczecin. Every year, at least 0.5% of the commune’s expenses included in the latest report on the implementation of the city budget are allocated for this purpose. Subjected to universal and direct voting are task proposals that have successfully passed the verification. Projects with the best results will be implemented.  In the new SBO regulations, there is a new division of funds: 70% of the pool will be allocated to local projects and 30% to “Green SBO”, i.e. projects related to the protection of the urban natural environment. Every resident of Szczecin can influence the co-deciding on the spending of funds from the local budget. Electronic voting is the novelty of this year’s edition. This year’s pool of Szczecin Civic Budget is PLN 17,200,000.