The exchange of hryvnias will be safe

Due to the current political situation related to the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the mass arrival of the country’s inhabitants in Poland there has been a rise in usury activities at currency exchange offices. In certain cases there were recorded attempts at exchanging the hryvnia at a PLN 0.01 rate. One hryvnia worth 0.01 PLN. Therefore, it was concluded that there is an urgent need for a intervention of the government regarding such cases. 

Recent news indicate that Ukrainians will soon be able to exchange the hryvnia for zlotys at a fair exchange rate and on simple terms – writes “Puls Biznesu”. It is emphasized that as early as next week, PKO BP will most likely be ready to accept hryvnia as part of the currency exchange agreed with the Ukrainian government. The bank is working on adjusting 50-60 branches in the country to buy hryvnia. There will be a limit per person in the amount of 

1.2-1.3 thousand zloty. Hryvnia will be purchased only from persons with a Ukrainian passport.