Unusual Mrs. Tilebein

The history of Szczecin is extraordinary, and the story of this Woman shows that it was not for nothing that the city was called the Paris of the North.

The now defunct villa on Zelechowa Street in the 19th century was a center of culture, art, a model of hospitality and exquisiteness of Szczecin. The beautiful Mrs. Sophie Tilebein- of French descent , together with her husband ran this unusual place attracting the best of the best of Szczecin’s residents.  In the house standing on the corner of today’s Debogorska and Robotnicza Streets, concerts were held, there was a book lovers’ circle, tea evenings, drama evenings, salon quartet concerts.

After the war, for many years the ruins of the palace, along with fragments of the spouses’ tombstones, were located here under the ivy.

Once again, the current Szczecinians did not disappoint. The Szczecin SBO decided to refresh the memory of Szczecin’s distinguished patrons. Sofie, as if alive, sits on a bench in period costume holding in one hand the founding deed of her own foundation Tilebein Stiftung, helping poor girls in the other – the score of a piece dedicated to her by Carl Loeve – a Szczecin composer supported by her.

The installation is generating widespread interest and sympathy, and lovers of old Szczecin say it is just the beginning of a new life for the place.