Water always ” at hand “

We are used to buying drinking water from the store in sealed bottles. We approach tap water with distrust and reserve.

On the other hand, supporters of tap water point out that the quality of this water in larger Polish cities (Szczecin is included in this list) in not different from most bottled waters, and often the mineral content of tap water is higher than in the most well-known brands. The economic calculation is also not without significance: 1 cubic meter of water, that is, 1,000 liters of water including the discharge of the same amount of sewage costs PLN 11. This means that for 1 liter of “tap water” we will pay only 1 penny.

The biggest obstacle to drinking tap water becoming a normality is low awareness and the belief that chlorination is still the main method of water treatment, and drinking unboiled water can lead to food poisoning.

The project, co-financed by the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Szczecin, aims to educate and change this way of thinking.

How. Where. What. H2O! – is the theme of the videos, which tell the story of how water travels to the specially installed 40 water drinkers on the grounds of the schools covered by the program. Drinking clean water instead of sugary carbonated drinks is intended to build good eating habits on the one hand, and carries such an important environmental message for our planet.

“Drink tap water” is not just about drinkers. Teachers have been provided with the materials necessary for education, namely sample lesson plans, an educational film, etc.

For the safety of users, the water in the drinkers is systematically tested.

As Patrycja Wolińska-Bartkiewicz, president of ZWiK, assures – this is just the beginning of the education of Szczecin residents.

More information: https://wiadomosci.szczecin.eu/artykul/ekologia/poidelka-w-szczecinskich-szkolach