SANUS PER AQUA, or healing through water. The beneficial effect of water on the human body is appreciated all over the world. 

Residents of Szczecin and the surrounding area can hardly wait for the opening of the Water Factory – that is, a swimming pool and educational complex. The facility will be one of the most modern in Poland. It is difficult to list all the attractions that will soon be available for use. The Szczecin Aquapark will include, among others, 17 indoor pools. In addition, outside, in addition to the pools, there will be a beach, a volleyball court, and an amphitheater, which in winter can be transformed into an ice rink with an ice track. Lovers of a bit more excitement, will be able to enjoy one of the 11 slides. 

However, that’s not all! Saunarium with a wellness zone will take care of our health and well-being. There we will not only warm up, but also enjoy a massage and a beer bath, and cool down in the snow grotto or one of the cooling pools. Interestingly, both in the pool hall and the Saunarium it will be possible to… sunbathe. This will be possible thanks to skylights made of ETFE film, which transmit UV radiation and give access to natural sunlight inside the building. Bowling, billiards and a climbing wall will also be available.

However, despite appearances, the Water Factory is not only about recreation and sports.

Education is an important part of the complex’s activities. At the Water Factory Education Center, anyone interested will be able to take an amazing journey. Its route will be truly extraordinary and will lead us through the cosmos, the history of mankind and the depths of the seas and oceans.  The leitmotif of Szczecin’s educational center will, of course, be water. It is here that visitors of all ages will learn many issues and interesting facts about this most precious chemical compound.

The Water Factory Education Center features six thematic blocks – Space, Climate, Ocean, Human, Water Civilization, Hydroengineering. They will be hosted by virtual guides, whom I’m sure many people associate with popular science channels available on the YouTube platform. Between the blocks, visitors will move along the so-called Vortex of Knowledge, a spiral staircase, over which a huge model of a water molecule has been suspended in the central part, hiding an auditorium inside. Visiting the Center will certainly be made more enjoyable by fun and learning in the water gardens area, where it will be possible to launch a ship, create rainbows, water whirlpools and clouds, among other things. Also interesting for visitors will be the opportunity to visit laboratories and go down to the area under the pool, where, thanks to peepholes to technical rooms and mapping, visitors will be able to observe the operation of individual systems of water treatment, obtaining energy or heating.

More information: https://fabrykawody.eu/