What financial resources do you need to have with you to start?

If you want to enter Poland, you need to have adequate financial funds that will allow you to pay for the flat and meals during your stay, as well as to buy a return ticket. Having the right amount of money can be checked by the Border Guard when trying to cross the border.

The amount of financial resources depends on the length of stay:

– up to 4 days – minimum PLN 300
– over 4 days – minimum PLN 75 for each day of stay.

Besides, you should have funds to buy a return ticket:

– PLN 200 if you came from a country neighbouring Poland
– PLN 500 if you arrived from an EU country, not neighbouring Poland
– PLN 2500 if you came from a country not belonging to the EU and not neighbouring Poland.

To confirm your possession of the abovementioned funds, you should be able to show:

– traveller’s check
– certificate on the amount on the credit card issued by the bank that issued the credit card,
– certificate of having the funds on the account in the bank having its registered office in Poland
– certificate of employment and income.