What should you be aware of when signing the contract? (ex. Penalty for termination of the contract, Non-compete clause)

Different companies are stating various records in their agreement which are on the edge of the law, or incompatible with it. Those practices have been observed mostly regarding civil contracts. You can experience the situation that following from your contract you will be punished for its unjustified dissolution. If this kind of record exists there should be a note explaining what is understood by the term “unjustified”.

Sometimes the person ordering charges with a penalty for undertaking work directly in the company to which the contractor was directed. Such an agreement should include a provision for your compensation resulting from the non-compete clause.

There can be various notations in the civil agreements as far as both sides are agreeing with them.

Remember that by signing the agreement you are accepting its terms and regulations. If it contains points that you are not accepting fully or, what is worse, it is written only in polish language and you are not able to verify it completely – do not sign it!

You do not need to agree to work in a place where that kind of practices has a place. There are many aboveboard companies and work agencies in our labour market.