Where can I learn the Polish language in Szczecin?

There are some places in Szczecin where you can learn Polish. Special courses for foreigners are organized, among others:

  • The University of Szczecin – weekend course (120 hours in total) during which you will learn how to properly talk with the employer, what you can expect from your employer as a foreigner, how to speak correctly in government agencies, how and where to learn, and how to improve your professional skills. You will also learn about Szczecin, its history and culture, you will see where important institutions and monuments are. You can learn more at http://ua.usz.edu.pl/ or by writing to aneta.szeremeta@usz.edu.pl
  • Safe Harbor at Caritas Polska – a Polish language course that lasts for 3 months, during which you will improve the communication skills necessary in everyday life and work situations. You will also learn about the history and culture of our country. For more information, please call: +48 515 402 273, +48 507 870 258.