Which holidays in Poland are non-working days?

There are holidays in Poland, which celebration is connected with public holidays. When do they occur?

– 1st of January – New Year
– 6th of January – Epiphany
– Easter (the date is flexible, but the holiday always falls on Sunday, in the second half of March or in April)
– Easter Monday (the second day of Easter, immediately after Easter Sunday)
– 1st of May – Labor Day
– 3rd of May – the anniversary of implementation the first Polish constitution, the so-called 3rd of May Constitution
– Corpus Christi – the date is movable, but it always falls on one of Thursdays of June
– 15th of August – a feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
– 1st of November – All Saints’ Day
– 11th of November – Independence Day
– 25th of December- the first day of Christmas
– 26th of December – the second day of Christmas.