The PESEL number in Poland is very important. Without a PESEL assigned to you, normal and every day life is virtually impossible in Poland. 

Foreigners who live in Poland can and should register – then they will automatically receive a PESEL number. (the next article will concern the registration process) if it’s impossible to register, and a given office requires a PESEL number from you – submit an application.

If you cannot register, visit the municipal office, take the application and fill it out.

The application should include the actual legal basis which requires a PESEL number. If an office (e.g. The ZUS or tax office) requires a PESEL number – it should also indicate the legal basis.

If there are any gaps in the application – you will get a notification to fill them in. The Office may not process your application if the application does not meet the official requirements

The service is free. The clerk will take your application right away. If there is a basis for assigning a PESEL number – you will receive a notification about assigning a PESEL number.

If for any reason this procedure is difficult for you – we invite you to the INFORMATION CENTER FOR FOREIGNERS – to our website and to our office – we will help you fill in the forms and help you better understand the content of correspondence with the office.