Author: Przemysław Jerzy

New production plant in Szczecin 

A major new production facility will be built on land leased from the Szczecin-Swinoujscie Port Authority on Ostrow Grabowski. Operations are scheduled to begin in the first half of 2026. The investor is Windar-an entity operating in the renewable energy sector, with production facilities around the world. It is in Szczecin that the first Polish […]

Half-term camps in Netto Arena

The vacations are approaching fast. This is a free time for the youngest, but not necessarily for their parents. It is not always possible to go away, and educational institutions remain closed during this period. In such a case, half-schools are ideal. An active form of leisure is offered by the organizers of semi-colonies in […]

How to build so as not to regret?

This is the motto of the upcoming event for all those who are building, renovating or refurbishing their space.  From March 22 to 24, Szczecin residents will be treated to another edition of the BUD-GRYF & HOME construction and interior design fair.  A wide range of construction industry products will be waiting for visitors for […]

First Szczecin Glow-worm Run

Spring is fast approaching, and with it outdoor events and activities, including those aimed at the youngest. Registration is now open for the 1st Szczecin Glow-worm Run. The Szczecin Glow-worm Run is an event that this year for the first time will be organized on the occasion of the Night Run, loved by residents of […]

Spring tour of the Philharmonic building

While waiting for truly spring aura, we suggest you take advantage of the offer to visit the Mieczyslaw Karlowicz Philharmonic building in Szczecin.  Buying a ticket for only PLN 10, you can spend almost an hour wandering with a guide through the halls and galleries of this unusual building, which are inaccessible to outsiders on […]

Scholarships for city artists

As every year, the city budget could not lack funds to honor the work of our native artists. This year’s total amount of funds for Creative Scholarships is PLN 150,000. Scholarship applications must be submitted by 29.02.2024. Creative scholarships can be awarded for literary, musical, film, dance and theater, cultural dissemination or visual art works. […]

Paid Parking Zone in Szczecin

The city of Szczecin makes the city center available to parked vehicles, subject to payment of parking fees. The most important zones are Zone A – red, and in this zone the parking fee is higher, and B – yellow, where rates are slightly lower. There is a network of parking meters throughout the zone, […]

Winter holidays 2024

The winter break for children’s preschool and school activities is fast approaching. In the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, the holidays will take place from January 15 – 28, 2023. This is a time when many families plan to go away together to take a break from the daily challenges. How to provide child care in a […]

Important changes for car owners

On January 1 of this year, regulations on vehicle registration rules changed. Here’s what you need to know: – the previous obligation to notify of the acquisition of a vehicle, has been replaced by an obligation to register it, – an application for vehicle registration must be filed within 30 days of acquiring the vehicle, […]

Unusual Mrs. Tilebein

The history of Szczecin is extraordinary, and the story of this Woman shows that it was not for nothing that the city was called the Paris of the North. The now defunct villa on Zelechowa Street in the 19th century was a center of culture, art, a model of hospitality and exquisiteness of Szczecin. The […]

Szczecin budget 2024

As of 2019, Szczecin’s ongoing investments have reached the threshold of PLN 1 billion per year. Central measures in recent years have resulted in systematic unfavorable changes in financing for local governments, and according to research – they have affected metropolitan areas in particular. This trend also applies to our City. This year’s budget has […]

Gift idea with Szczecin in the background

The limited edition of the 2024 calendar was jointly issued by well-known Szczecin brands “Visit Szczecin” together with “I fly to Szczecin”. The whole project is coordinated by Szczecin Shipping Tourism Events.  The calendar shows Szczecin in unusual scenes. Carefully selected frames, show an unusual, eclectic city, with a green heart in the very center […]

A unique Szczecin lake

Did you know that hidden in the Bukowa Forest is one of the most picturesque places in Szczecin? We are talking about the unique Emerald Lake, which, regardless of the season, is a great place to spend leisure time. This unusual body of water was created in 1925 as a result of a disaster in […]

A Psychological Support Program for Children and Youth is being established

Improving the mental state of young residents of Szczecin, supporting relationship building and learning soft skills – these are the basic assumptions of the City’s Program aimed at students, teachers and parents of Szczecin schoolchildren. The emerging Program of Psychological Support for Children, Youth and Teachers is the City’s response to the problems afflicting young […]

Water always ” at hand “

We are used to buying drinking water from the store in sealed bottles. We approach tap water with distrust and reserve. On the other hand, supporters of tap water point out that the quality of this water in larger Polish cities (Szczecin is included in this list) in not different from most bottled waters, and […]

SBO 2024: November 8 start of voting

On November 8 punctually at12:00 voting will start for projects submitted to this year’s edition of the Szczecin Citizens’ Budget. Residents will be able to choose what to cast their votes for out of 149 proposals submitted. The Szczecin Civic Budget is a special type of social consultation, the aim of which is to involve […]

Christmas Market

The city’s most important streets and squares, more than 90 exhibitors, more than three weeks of unique pre-Christmas atmosphere, a whole lot of gingerbread, forest-smelling Christmas trees, tasty dumplings and warming drinks – these are a few words to describe this year’s Christmas Market, which will start on December 1.  In the very center of […]

Renovated TBS quarter invites tenants

Szczecin TBS is recruiting people willing to participate in the cost of building apartments for rent. The units are being built as part of the revitalization of Quarter 36.  Quarter 36 is located in Szczecin within the area of Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego, Księcia Bogusława X, Małkowskiego, Bł Królowej Jadwigi streets. Currently, the interior of the […]


SANUS PER AQUA, or healing through water. The beneficial effect of water on the human body is appreciated all over the world.  Residents of Szczecin and the surrounding area can hardly wait for the opening of the Water Factory – that is, a swimming pool and educational complex. The facility will be one of the […]

Sailing Center in Szczecin

Sailing center – more than a marina! Is it really so? In our opinion, yes, but we encourage you to find out for yourself! The Szczecin Sailing Center was established in 2015, and since then it has been actively working to promote water sports among children and young people. The facility, located in one of […]

Szczecin Oktoberfest for the fifth time

Szczecin Oktoberfest has become another traditional event in Szczecin. This year, for the fifth time, Aleja Kwiatowa invites all lovers of the beverage from all over Poland.  The second weekend of October will surely bring a large dose of humor, music and knowledge about the history of beer and its importance in the lives of […]

Cross-border walks in Szczecin

Throughout September we can still visit Szczecin accompanied by guides in German, English and Ukrainian. Each September Saturday, the walk takes place under a different theme. Details on the various installments of the event are available at the Tourist Information Center, Visit Szczecin’s Facebook page or on the website It’s worth hurrying, because places […]

Scandinavian Szczecin

Both the geographic location of Szczecin and its unique character: low population density, abundance of greenery surrounded by water, openness of space, work-life balance attitude makes it the city that is closest in Poland to understanding the Scandinavian concept of “hygge”. There are currently more than 160 companies with Scandinavian capital in Szczecin. Also stationed […]

Recruitment to secondary schools in Szczecin 

What to choose: general high school? technical school? Or perhaps a trade school? These are the dilemmas of students and their guardians The educational reform a few years ago abolished junior high schools, making this year’s recruitment to secondary schools a challenge for local governments and facility directors as well.   According to the assurance […]

Another edition of the “Home for a student” program is launched

Already since 2014, a joint program of the City of Szczecin and the Szczecin Social Housing Association has been offering attractive rental units under the “House for a student” program. This proposal complements offers of renting private accommodation or places in dormitories. This is an extremely interesting option for people from outside Szczecin. An unquestionable […]

Ukraine closer to us

The project “Ukraine closer to us” is implemented by the City Center for Family Assistance in Szczecin. It is directed to people who had to flee the war in Ukraine. The main objective of the support is to mitigate the effects of traumatic experiences through psychological assistance, support of assistants, legal assistance. The effect of […]

Paid Parking Zone in Szczecin

Szczecin, like other major Polish cities, has many places to park a car in the center. The condition is to pay a parking fee. You can park your car in the more expensive so-called red zone A and in the slightly cheaper so-called yellow zone B.  Parking meters are at the disposal of drivers, where […]

Szczecin in 30 films 

The fighting for Szczecin at the end of World War II was fierce and caused a lot of destruction. On April 26, 1945, Szczecin was occupied by the Red Army and on July 5 – Szczecin was officially handed over to the Polish authorities. Szczecin is the third largest city in our country. The characteristic […]

The Night of Museums Szczecin 2023

The Night of Museums is an annual cultural event during which galleries, museums and all cultural institutions are available to people during nighttime.  Every year, the organizers prepare unique attractions and make normally inaccessible places available for visitors. There are concerts, workshops and performances maintained in the atmosphere associated with a given place.  The whole […]

Szczecin Tourist Card

Summer is in full swing, the heat has temporarily left us – a great time to explore Szczecin! The ideal partner for a trip is the Szczecin Tourist Card. A relatively small financial outlay – 20 PLN for the 24-hour version or 30 PLN for the 72-hour version, and we’re in for a power of […]

Recruitment for dormitories in Szczecin

This year’s recruitment for dormitories in Szczecin is still ongoing. A total of over 320 vacancies are waiting for those interested.  Recruitment to dormitories is carried out for available places. That means that it does not include those who are already living in a dormitory and have submitted an application for continuation of their stay […]

Sail Szczecin 2023

August in Szczecin means many events worth noting. The most important of these will take place on the weekend of August 18-20. The grand event on the Oder River – Sails 2023 is the successor to the former Days of the Sea or Tall Ship Reaces. The festival of sails is a great family event […]

Szczecin’s birthday celebration

The 5th of July marked the 78th anniversary of the Polish administration taking over the government of Szczecin.  On this occasion, like every year, a joint celebration of the City’s birthday was held. One of the traditions associated with the birthday of Szczecin is the awarding of the honorary title of Ambassador of Szczecin. It […]

Rent an apartment from the city

The offer of apartments in exchange for renovation has never been so popular as it is now. The reason is, among others, the changes made in the Small Improvements Program.  Apply from home From now on, residents can also apply to rent an apartment via the website: They will find both flats available in […]

Szczecin Civic Budget

Admission for Szczecin Civic Budget is open! Szczecin Civic Budget is a particular type of social consultation, whose aim is to involve residents in the process of deciding how to spend part of the budget of the City of Szczecin. Every year, at least 0.5% of the commune’s expenses included in the latest report on […]


As last year, the Association of Friends of the Faculty of Computer Science in Szczecin, in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Science of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, is organizing a job fair on 19.03.2023 to establish academic-business relations in the IT industry.  The event will showcase twenty companies from Szczecin […]

Duke Boguslaw X

Western Pomerania has been subjected to numerous tests. The position between strong neighbours: Brandenburg, Denmark and Prussia did not make it easy to maintain independence. The ruler who knew it best was Boguslaw X, coming from the old Griffin dynasty. Boguslaw’s fate resembled life during a storm. He fought, and he won, but he also […]

Residence document is a residence document in the mObywatel mobile application. It is available to foreigners covered by the Special Act who have a PESEL UKR number and set up a Trusted Profile. To use this application, it is necessary to:  • cross the border after February 24, 2022;  • assigned PESEL number (with the stamp […]

Summary of the year

In 2022, the Information Center for Foreigners team was actively involved in activities related to the sudden outbreak of war in Ukraine and refugees arriving in Szczecin. We met with at least 800 people. Many of these meetings were telephone advice and e-mail support.  Refugees turned to us with everyday problems. A safe place of […]

The right to medical records

The right to access our medical records is our inalienable right. No medical facility that takes care of our health has the right to refuse us access to this documentation, receiving a copy of it or sending it in electronic form if it is kept in this way. As a rule, the right to issue […]

Motoeksperymentarium SMYK

“Full craziness” at the Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin.  These are the words that visitors to the Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin describe the new exhibition. The Museum has so far been associated with the history of the automotive industry and interesting but static exhibits. From February 1, 2023, the space […]


CASE HANDLING MODULE – a new website for foreigners  The Office for Foreigners has launched a new website addressed to foreigners. Thanks to it, among other things, it is possible to complete the application for a residence permit.  The newly created website is available in as many as 7 language versions, including Ukrainian, French, Vietnamese […]


In connection with the pilot project of standardization of activities for families, possible to be implemented by local government units; the city of Szczecin was one of the first cities in Poland to receive the honourable CERTIFICATE OF FAMILY-FRIENDLY LOCAL GOVERNMENT.  The Association of Large Families 3+ also agreed to obtain this title, appreciating the […]

Winter break 2023

The winter break for preschoolers and students is fast approaching. The holidays in Zachodniopomorskie voivodeship will take place from 13 to 26 February 2023. This is the time when many families plan joint trips to be able to take a break from everyday challenges. It is important to remember that we can use the tourist […]

Recruitment for first grades of elementary schools and public kindergartens for the 2023/2024 school year

It’s still winter outside the windows and parents and guardians of the youngest children already have to take care of places for their kids after this year’s vacations. This is the time when most of the recruitment for public educational institutions for the youngest begins. In 2023, recruitment for elementary school first grades and public […]

Purchase of real estate in Poland

Issues related to the acquisition of properties by foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland are regulated by the Act on the acquisition of properties by foreigners (Act of March 24, 1920) and in the case of agricultural real estate – by the Act of April 11, 2003, on shaping the agricultural system.  […]

Tax residence

The war in Ukraine broke out on February 24, so for the first refugees, it has been 183 days since entering our country. After this period, a person residing in a given country may be subject to an absolute tax obligation in the country of residence, provided that several conditions are met.  According to Art. […]

Degree of disability – procedure

In the Community law of the European Union, there is no legal regulation regarding the mutual “translation” of disability certificates, and the Republic of Poland is not a party to an international agreement allowing for mutual recognition of documents confirming the status of a disabled person from other European Union Member States. That means a […]

Language SOS for foreigners

The winter wave of refugees, caused by the war in Ukraine and its subsequent stages, is estimated at 200,000 to even half a million people.  More people will come for whom basic, real-time communication in a foreign language will become crucial. That is why we present a new initiative of the Faculty of Humanities of […]

Pension – based information

If you have worked in Poland and Ukraine and are now applying for a pension, read the information below. If you live in the territory of Poland:  1. fill in the appropriate form on provision from ZUS:  2. to the application for a pension attach documents that justify granting you this provision from ZUS and […]

Application for urgent consideration of your case (ponaglenie) – official procedures

The general rule of expeditious proceedings is clarified in further provisions of the code, particularly Art. 35 §§ 1 and 3, under which public administrative bodies should act in every case without undue delay, and matters requiring proceedings should be resolved within one month, or two months in particularly complicated cases. The Office have so […]

500 + for the foreigner – step by step

The application can only be submitted online, on the ZUS PUE platform. If you want to log in to pue you need a trusted profile and a mobile phone. After submitting the application for 500+, a decision on granting the benefit will be made at PUE. On Saturday and Sunday, ZUS offices will be open […]

Large Family Card

The Large Family Card is a system of discounts and additional rights for families 3+ both, in public institutions and in private companies. The LFC holders have the possibility to benefit from the offer provided for by entities cheaper, among others, from the food, fuel, banking or recreation industry. The LFC supports large families’ budgets […]

Temporary protection for foreginers

Temporary protection is a procedure that gives third-country nationals who cannot return to their home country immediate protection. After entering the territory of Poland, foreigners who have temporary protection receive from the Office for Foreigners: – temporary residence permit for a period of one year, – issues a residence card, – medical care, – help […]

Compulsory schooling in Poland

According to Article 35 of The Educational Law, attending school is mandatory until the age of 18.  Individuals who are not Polish citizens are required to compulsory education and benefit from the care and from learning in public schools under the conditions for Polish citizens (Article 165 above mentioned law). Students’ failure to fulfill compulsory […]

Unregistered activity as a way of running a business by foreigners

In Polish law, it is necessary to register your business in the relevant register to run your own business. This register depends on many factors, including especially the assumed legal form of the enterprise.  Nevertheless, not everyone needs to run a large-scale company. Non-registered businesses serve such small gainful activities. Its basic criteria are: – […]

Legalization of documents from Ukraine – the apostille clause

The apostille clause is a confirmation of the authenticity of the signature on an official document drawn up in the country concerned. At present, such confirmation is very important, especially for Ukrainian citizens.  Ukraine is a signatory of the Hague Convention, which means that there is no need to authenticate documents at Ukrainian consulates in […]

Alimony for children

In a situation where one of the parents avoids the obligation to pay child support, it becomes necessary to refer the matter to court to obtain a court decision. This court may be both the district court competent for the place of residence of the child and the place of residence of the sued parent.  […]

Temporary guardian for minor

Since the 24th of February, the beginning of Russian aggression, three million Ukrainian refugees, mainly women, and children, often non-related, crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border. In Poland, minor children cannot remain unattended or left without the supervision of an adult or an institution. To the situation’s need, the possibility of establishing a temporary guardian between unrelated […]

Obligation to report departure from Poland for more than 30 days

As part of the support implemented by ZUS, citizens of Ukraine also can access programs for families, like Rodzinny Kapitał Opiekuńczy, “Rodzina 500+”, or nursery.  Nevertheless, the essential thing to qualify for those programs is to reside with a child in our country’s territory. This rule obeys every Polish citizen and every foreigner who wants […]

Nostrification of diploma

As a result of nostrification, a certificate is obtained, confirming that the diploma achieved abroad is recognized as equivalent to the specified Polish diploma and the specified job title. A nostrification form must be submitted to a university with A+, A, or B+ category in the specified field.  The nostrification form must be submitted with […]

Black Week

The terms Black Friday and Black Week have appeared in Poland since 2015, and since then, the last Friday of November is when you can take advantage of many discount prices, both in traditional stores and online. Over the years, this day has become an important marketing event awaited by both sellers and customers. Retailers […]

Studies for foreigners

Studies in Poland fall into three degrees: undergraduate studies (bachelor’s degree), graduate studies (master’s degree), and doctoral studies.  In Poland are also available postgraduate studies, which usually take a year or a year-and-a-half.  The academic year in Poland is divided into two semesters: the winter academic semester and the summer academic semester. Classes in the […]

Rules for importing animals from Ukraine to Poland

The requirements related to traveling of people with dogs, cats, and ferrets to the EU countries, are covered by special procedures that require animal owners to meet certain conditions. These are primarily a confirmation that the animal has been correctly identified with a microchip and that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies, and this […]

Carbon additive

Act of September 15, 2022 on special solutions for certain heat sources in connection with the situation on the fuel market – rules and the amount of a one-off benefit paid to people who heat their homes with coal or carbon-derived fuel. Rates: – 3000 PLN – when wood pellets are used for heating, – […]

Flat or a room for rent in Poland

The lease agreement for premises should be concluded in writing and include, above all: personal data of both parties – the landlord and the tenant,  data on the subject of the lease, any terms and conditions of the contract (duration of the contract, amount of rent, payment dates, termination details, etc.). Practice and experience show […]

New regulations on employing foreigners

New regulations on employing foreigners 1. Extension of declarations deadline from 6 to 24 months 2. The simplified procedure for granting temporary residence and work permits concerns procedures for granting temporary residence and work permits, which were started before January 1, 2021 and were not completed until the effective date of the Act. This solution […]