Legalization of documents from Ukraine – the apostille clause

The apostille clause is a confirmation of the authenticity of the signature on an official document drawn up in the country concerned. At present, such confirmation is very important, especially for Ukrainian citizens. 

Ukraine is a signatory of the Hague Convention, which means that there is no need to authenticate documents at Ukrainian consulates in the country of the document’s issue. A certificate from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is sufficient. In the case of school or university documents, legalization can be obtained from the Board of Education or the National Academy of Academic Exchange (NAWA). 

Many documents are ready to obtain an apostille clause for Ukraine. 

So are sworn translations. Authentication of a notarial power of attorney requires the seal of the President of the District Court. 

The document is legalized by being delivered, with an application and a fee of PLN 60, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More information:

Apostille – Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych – Portal (