Snow, the smell of chocolate and wishes of Merry Christmas

Szczecin smelling of chocolate to the sound of another musical postcard “Szczecin pastorale”- this is a proposal of young soloists from the Damian Wójcik Vocal Studio.

Beautiful views of our city “from a bird’s eye view”, President Piotr Krzystek with a Christmas tree “to the sky”, Monika Szymanik from Kamienica in the Forest, meringue from Hania Bezy disappearing in a flash-all lead us into what is coming up in a moment-the time of Christmas, time together, a bit of nostalgia and hope for the future.

It’s high time to wish all residents of Szczecin a traditional Healthy and Merry Christmas. We extend our wishes to everyone to whom our common place on Earth – the City of Szczecin is close to us