Social housing in Szczecin

On Tuesday, February 14, the call for applications for social housing will begin. These are low-rent premises intended for most in need. In the last nine years, ZBiLK has rented over half a thousand such flats as part of the call. This year’s first recruitment for social housing will start on February 14 and will last until February 28 this year. Any adult resident of Szczecin who struggles with the lack of a flat and has a sufficiently low income can apply for renting such an apartment. For example, a three people household may have a maximum PLN 3,537.68 income. 

Other income thresholds can be found on the ZBiLK website. According to the Act on the Protection of Tenants’ Rights, social flats are renovated, but they may be of a lower standard (toilet on the mezzanine, stove heating). In turn, the rent in such an apartment is only about PLN 1.45 per m2, i.e. in a flat with an area of 35 m2, it will be about PLN 50 per month plus utilities (electricity, water, gas, etc.). Applications submitted by residents will be evaluated on a points scale. The number of points will depend, among others, on the period of residence in Szczecin, the number of children, the state of health and the living conditions in which you currently live. 

Based on the scores, preliminary lists of submitted applications will be announced. People who do not agree with the score will have the opportunity to appeal within 7 days. The Social Housing Committee will consider all appeals, comments and complaints.

After considering all appeals, ZBiLK will publish the final list of people entitled to rent social housing. Applications and detailed recruitment information are available on the ZBiLK website. They can also be collected in person at the ZBiLK headquarters at ul. Mariacka 25. Completed applications with attachments may be submitted to the ZBiLK office only between February 14, 2023, and February 28, 2023. If an application is submitted without mandatory documents, it is considered incomplete and left without consideration. For information on this matter, you can call the phone numbers on working days from 7.30 – 15.30.