What has not to be carried across the border?

If you do not want to pay the customs duty, make sure that the goods you carry in your hand luggage do not exceed the value:

– 300 euros – if you cross the border by land,
– 430 euros – when crossing the border by air or sea.

Below is a list of goods that you can bring to Poland with certain restrictions:

– cigarettes – inland transport: 40 pieces, in sea or air – 200 pieces
– alcohol, depending on its strength – between 1 litre and 16 litres
– weapons used for hunting or sporting purposes (if you come to attend or prepare for a sporting event). However remember, that before you decide to bring your weapon to Poland, you must first obtain relevant documents and also report this fact to customs institutions.
– gold and platinum foreign exchange – if the goods you want to transport exceed the value of 10 thousand euro, you must report it to the Border Guard authorities
– food – here the law is very restrictive, so before you bring them in, read them closely,
– pets – detailed information can be found here: https://www.wetgiw.gov.pl/index.php?action=iendoly&m_id=33&kat_id=2075

DO NOT bring intoxicants and psychotropic substances to Poland.