Can I take a rest leave or a leave at request?

Working under an employment contract, you are entitled to 20 or 26 days of paid annual leave during the calendar year. The number of days off depends on your seniority: 20 days is for people who have worked less than 10 years, 26 days is for people with total seniority of 10 years and more. Various factors influence the fact that you can receive the right for 26 days of a vacation faster, including the level of education.

If you are employed by a temporary work agency (i.e. based on a temporary employment contract), you acquire the right of two days of leave for each month remaining at the disposal of the employer – user.

At request, leave is permitted up to 4 days during a calendar year. These are not additional vacation days but are included in the pool of the number of vacation days per year. Leave on request must be declared at the latest on the day of its commencement, before starting work.

In the case of temporary employees, the right to leave on demand is acquired after working for a given employer – user for at least six months.