Labour law

Do I have the right to sick leave?

Everyone person based on an employment contract (in the case of a commission contract sickness insurance is voluntary) has the right to receive sick leave. This leave is issued by a doctor electronically (e-ZLA) and then goes to the employer’s PUE profile. So you don’t have to worry about delivering them to your employer. However, […]

Can I take a rest leave or a leave at request?

Working under an employment contract, you are entitled to 20 or 26 days of paid annual leave during the calendar year. The number of days off depends on your seniority: 20 days is for people who have worked less than 10 years, 26 days is for people with total seniority of 10 years and more. […]

How to terminate a contract of employment?

There are several ways to part with your employer. Those are: agreement of the parties – termination of cooperation is possible overnight. Consent to this form of termination must be expressed by two parties; termination of the contract with a notice period – the notice period depends on the length of employment and is as […]

How to begin the cooperation?

Before starting cooperation with you, your future employer should receive a document that will legalize your work. This document should be handed to you. You will also be directed for an initial medical examination at the cost of the employer. For signing the contract you should bring: passport, document legalizing your stay (if it is […]

What is the difference between gross and net salary?

The salary on the employment contract you sign will be determined in the gross amount. This is the amount of your salary, including compulsory contributions and tax (to the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office). It is assumed that the amount of taxes in Poland is approx. 30% of the remuneration. The net amount […]

What is Personal Income Tax?

PIT means a personal income tax. It is collected both from Polish tax residents and from persons who do not have a Polish tax residence. In this second case, the tax is collected only from revenues that were obtained in Poland. You must settle the tax due in each tax year. For this purpose, the […]

What is Tax identification number?

It is a tax identification number consisting of 10 digits. This number should be provided in documents that relate to tax liabilities, as well as those that are collected by customs and tax authorities. Natural persons who do not conduct business activity provide Personal Identification Number instead of the Tax identification number

What is the Personal Identity Number?

PESEL is an abbreviation of “Universal Electronic System of Population Register”. It is used to collect basic information that allows recognition of the identity as well as the administrative and legal status of Polish citizens and foreigners who live in Poland. To facilitate the possibility of getting to a doctor, to deal with many matters […]