Changes in the traffic law 2022.

There is no need to hurry !!

The changes in the traffic law will be painful for our finances.

According to the new tariff, the fine for speeding by 71km/h will be PLN2,500,000. We will have to pay PLN500 for having a conversation on the phone while driving a vehicle. 

Fines for violations against pedestrian safety will also increase. Therefore, we will pay PLN1,500 for failing to give way to a pedestrian who is currently inside a pedestrian crossing or is about to enter it’s zone. 

The driver who overtakes another vehicle at a pedestrian crossing will also pay PLN1,500. In turn, the violation of the prohibitions on overtaking other vehicles by the driver of a motor vehicle will be punishable by a fine of PLN1,000.

A fine of PLN800 will be given for parking the vehicle in a spot intended for disabled motorists. 

A fine of not less than PLN4,000 will be imposed for failure to indicate against the obligation, at the request of an authorized body, to whom the vehicle has been entrusted to drive or use at a specified time.

Link to the full list:,mandaty-drogowe-wysokosc-2022-taryfikator-przekroczenie-predkosci.html