Degree of disability – procedure

In the Community law of the European Union, there is no legal regulation regarding the mutual “translation” of disability certificates, and the Republic of Poland is not a party to an international agreement allowing for mutual recognition of documents confirming the status of a disabled person from other European Union Member States. That means a foreigner living in Poland may obtain a certificate of disability or its degree based on the same regulations that apply to every Pole. 

A similar situation applies to refugees from Ukraine. Disability assessment teams do not have any specific legal solutions. They issue certificates of disability and the degree of disability concerning Ukrainian citizens based on the same regulations as for people with Polish citizenship. 

In this context, disability or its degree is always assessed on an application that should be submitted to the poviat disability assessment team in the place of stay. 

The application is accompanied by:

1) medical documentation, including a medical certificate of health, issued not earlier than 30 days before the date of applying,

2) medical documentation – for example, hospital treatment information sheets, outpatient treatment records, results of additional diagnostic tests, specialist consultations,

3) documents that may affect the determination of the degree of disability if we have such records, e.g. specialist consultations or psychological and pedagogical opinions.

Health-related documents drawn up in a language other than Polish should be translated by a sworn translator. 

If we do not have medical documentation, it will be necessary to go through the entire process of examination aimed to determine the cause and existence of the disability and its degree.


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