Employment of a foreigner – additional requirements

In connection with the information about the end of granting an allowance of PLN 40 per day for each refugee from 01.07.2022, seeking employment and taking up work in the territory of the Republic of Poland will become a necessity. Such an idea is absolutely justified and is to lead to the independence of those who have decided to stay in our country for an extended period. 

Therefore, it is important for both parties, the employer and the employee, to be aware that the employment of a foreigner leads to additional obligations that do not result directly from one strictly defined provision. Nevertheless, the current practice, in particular inspections and recommendations of the Labour Inspectorate, is very sensitized to apply certain strict rules in this area. They mainly concern reliable documentation and confirmation of the fact that the foreigner has understood the content of the contract he concluded with the employer, working conditions, regulations in force at the workplace, health and safety rules, and all other issues related to the nature of undertaken employment. 

Fulfilling this obligation is significant for both parties and helps to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.