Flat or a room for rent in Poland

The lease agreement for premises should be concluded in writing and include, above all:

  • personal data of both parties – the landlord and the tenant, 
  • data on the subject of the lease,
  • any terms and conditions of the contract (duration of the contract, amount of rent, payment dates, termination details, etc.).

Practice and experience show that a detailed and thorough lease agreement means less hassle in the event of any dispute. It is therefore worth ensuring that the subject of the lease is described in detail by indicating:

  the usable area of the real estate (in accordance with the entry in the Land and Mortgage Register), total for all rooms, i.e. kitchen, bedroom, hall, bathroom, etc.

– address;

– detailed information about the furnishings of the premises – in this case, a detailed list of  furnishings is important, e.g. wardrobes, sofas, household appliances, audio and video devices, etc.

It is also worth taking into account the technical condition of the property – in particular, it is worth taking care to list the existing defects present at the time of signing the lease agreement. In this case, photographic documentation, which is often an attachment to the contract, can be helpful. The rental fees are:

  1. rental costs – this is the amount due to the owner of the apartment for rent, rent to the property manager and other fees, i.e. utilities such as electricity, gas, water.
  2. deposit – it is the owner’s security against possible damage or underpayment. The deposit is usually one or two times the rent and is returned in full after the end of the contract after the delivery and acceptance report of the premises and settlement of all financial issues.

You can look for a flat or a room for rent on your own without an intermediary – it is a cheaper option, but it is also a less secure one. You can also use the help of a professional real estate agency, which will ensure the correctness of the provisions of the lease agreement, however, it is an activity related to the need to pay for office services. It is also important to know that the information that is not be specified in the lease agreement is regulated by the currently applicable Act on the Protection of Tenants’ Rights, the Act on the Protection of Housing Rights, the Act on Municipal Resources and the Civil Code.