Marriage with a foreigner in Poland

In order to conclude a civil marriage at the Civil Registry Office (Registry Office), the Head of Registry Office must be submitted the following documents:

– ID cards with photos of the people intending to get married

– Copies of birth certificates of the above-mentioned people. If such a copy is made in a foreign language, it must be accompanied by a sworn translation of the document into Polish made by a sworn translator from the list of translators published on the website of the Ministry of Justice or the Consul of the Republic of Poland

– People who have already been married attach a document confirming the termination or annulment of the previous marriage

– Foreigners additionally submit a certificate from the country of origin confirming the possibility of getting married, together with a sworn translation of the document into Polish (this document certifies that a person, in accordance with the law of their country of origin, may get married in Poland. In order to obtain such a document, please contact the appropriate authority in your country of origin)

– If a foreigner is unable to submit such a document (e.g., their country does not issue such documents), they may submit an exemption from the obligation to submit the document. Such a decision is issued by District Courts in the course of non-contentious proceedings at the request of a foreigner