Motoeksperymentarium SMYK

“Full craziness” at the Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin. 

These are the words that visitors to the Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin describe the new exhibition. The Museum has so far been associated with the history of the automotive industry and interesting but static exhibits. From February 1, 2023, the space of the Museum was developed interactively and attracted crowds of visitors on the opening day. 

Motoeksperymentarium SMYK – because that’s the name of this project, contains 15 interactive exhibits related to the operation of vehicles or simulation of driving under the influence of drugs. You can carry out a self-inspection of the vehicle or experience a car crash in safe conditions. It is possible to program the station to see the difference in reactions and behaviours between a rested and tired driver. 

The optimum time to stay in the Motoeksperymentarium is up to an hour, as planned by the organizers. It is open every day except Monday. Free entry every Tuesday.