Motor vehicle purchase-saleagreement and buyer’s obligations

A properly drawn up contract should be made in writing with utmost care and precision in order to avoid possible unnecessary disputes in the future.

The contract should include such information as:

  • precise details about the seller and the buyer: name, surname, place of residence, PESEL number, NIP, type and number of the identity document and the authority issuing this document; 
  • date and place of conclusion of the contract;
  • precise details on the subject of the contract, i.e. the car’s registration number, VIN number, make, model, year of manufacture, engine number, current mileage, color of the car, its engine capacity; 
  • the price of the vehicle (in figures and words), the method and date of transferring the payment amount and the day and hour on which the vehicle will be handed over.  The indication of an event of a road collision caused by the buyer on the day of handing over the vehicle will release the seller from liability;
  • the buyer’s statement that he or she has become acquainted with the technical condition of the vehicle.
  • signatures of both parties.

After purchase, it is the buyer’s responsibility to: 

  • register the vehicle at the Civil Affairs Department of the City of Szczecin within 30 days from the date of purchase;
  • decide what to do next with the vehicle liability insurance policy –  it is possible to continue to use the seller’s policy or terminate it;
  • submit the PCC-3 declaration to the tax office and pay the tax on civil law transactions in the amount of 2% of the value of the vehicle within 14 days.