Opening of the summer season in Szczecin’s swimming pools

Holidays are a time to rest, play and spend time outdoors. The swimming pools in Szczecin have started the season and invite all citizens to use their services. 

The Arkonka swimming pool has been open since the beginning of June. Visitors to the swimming pool complex will find many waterslides, an artificial river, parking and catering facilities. 

Bosom of nature enjoyers can also take advantage of Dąbie Lake Beach, currently the brightest star on the map of Szczecin. Users will find, in addition to the beach, playgrounds, barbecue areas, carports, deckchairs and picnic tables. Dąbie Lake Beach, thanks to the illuminated promenade, is also a perfect place to admire the spectacular sunsets. 

There are also two other lake beaches with many enthusiasts: Głębokie and Dziewoklicz. Surrounded by greenery, they attract with their unique atmosphere and picturesque surroundings. We will find areas to rest, sanitary rooms, changing rooms and sports fields. During the summer season, food outlets are opened, and the little ones can go wild on the water inflatables. 

According to the resolution of the City Council, the bathing season lasts in Szczecin from June 15th to the end of August. This year lifeguards will be present on facilities until September 3rd because the first days of September take place on the weekend.

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