Recruitment for public kindergartens and first grades of elementary schools has begun!

The beginning of March is a hectic time for caregivers of the youngest children. On March 4, recruitment to public kindergartens, kindergarten departments in elementary schools, as well as to the first grades of elementary schools for the 2024/2025 school year began.

As in previous years, in order to enroll a child in the selected institution, one must fill out an application using the website There you will also find, among other things, the full offer of each institution.

Importantly, the documents filled out on the Internet should be printed and signed, and then submitted to the institution that we indicated in the first place.

The deadline for submitting an application with a set of required documents is March 22 for public kindergartens and kindergarten branches, and March 20 for elementary schools.

Recruitment to Szczecin institutions applies to children who live with their parents or legal guardians in the Szczecin Municipality.

The exact recruitment schedule and all additional information can be found here: