Scandinavian Szczecin

Both the geographic location of Szczecin and its unique character: low population density, abundance of greenery surrounded by water, openness of space, work-life balance attitude makes it the city that is closest in Poland to understanding the Scandinavian concept of “hygge”.

There are currently more than 160 companies with Scandinavian capital in Szczecin. Also stationed here are soldiers from Scandinavia with their families as part of the Multinational Northeast Corps, as well as Scandinavian students who appreciate the qualities of our city and the potential of the local universities.

The Szczecin Scandinavian House, located at 6 Monte Cassino Street, is a unique place that promotes the Scandinavian lifestyle and integrates the multiculturalism of the countries of the North.

The space of the Scandinavian House is open. This means that in addition to the meetings and conferences held there, the House is lent free of charge to residents for intimate meetings, workshops, courses, teaching classes, etc. It’s worth “taking a look” there and marveling at both the atmosphere and the amazingly renovated space of living in a tenement from previous eras.

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