Temporary guardian for minor

Since the 24th of February, the beginning of Russian aggression, three million Ukrainian refugees, mainly women, and children, often non-related, crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border. In Poland, minor children cannot remain unattended or left without the supervision of an adult or an institution. To the situation’s need, the possibility of establishing a temporary guardian between unrelated individuals was made as easy as possible. Authorized to apply are:

-border guard,

-mayor, city president, starosta, voivodship marshal,



-executives of social welfare facilities,

-representatives of international or non-governmental organizations dedicated to assisting foreigners,

-person supervising the minor

-person supervising the minor since entering the territory of the Republic of Poland to the day of applying,

-other persons or parties as part of its tasks.

When establishing a temporary guardian, the court is guided by the best interests of the child. A temporary guardian’s role can be taken over by a Pole – friend of the parents, or a Ukrainian neighbor, who traveled to Poland with the child. 

The court shall examine the case immediately, no later than three days since the request has been made, or the necessity of providing a temporary guardian was presented.