The restrictions are lifted

Starting from the 4th of May, 2020 following restrictions are lifted:

  • Persons working or studying just abroad – employees, students and cross-border pupils can return to work and study – they will not have to undergo a mandatory 14-days quarantine.
  • Shopping centres and supermarkets are open, but with a limited number of people and with no consumption possibility.
    Commercial facilities with a sells area of over 2000 square meter – shopping centres, supermarkets – will be opened.
    However, a limit of people is introduced. There must be 15 square meters of sells area on 1 person. Importantly, the sales area does not include a corridor surface.
    Warning! However, fitness centres and recreational spaces (e.g. playgrounds) cannot operate in shopping centres. There cannot be any places where meals are eaten on site (the so-called food court).
  • Hotels and accommodation will be opened but without swimming pools and gyms.
    Until now, hotels did not accept guests – except for people on delegations or at quarantine. This restriction is lifted. Accommodation services, also in hotels, may be provided on the condition that special safety rules will be maintained.
    Warning! The operation of restaurants and recreational spaces is still limited in hotel and accommodation facilities. Gyms, meeting rooms and swimming pools remain closed. However, hotel restaurants can serve their meals to hotel guests in their rooms. Meals just cannot be served on site.
  • Building stores opened on weekends.
    The current restriction of selling on weekends for large-scale building stores is lifted.
  • Libraries and museum
    The current restriction of operation of libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities is lifted.
    Warning! Cultural institutions will be opened gradually and at different time. The executive management body of the institution will decide about the specific date of opening after consultation with the district’s sanitary and epidemiological station.
  • Medical rehabilitation
    People who are sick and have pain may take advantage of therapeutic rehabilitation.
    Warning! Massage saloons remain closed.


Starting from the 6th of May, 2020:

  • Children of working parents will be able to return to nursery or kindergartens.
    The authorities running these facilities can open them, taking into account the guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, as well as the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy.
    Warning! Concerning the current epidemiological situation, facility authorities may limit the size of the kindergarten group or limit the number of children under care in nurseries.
    Warning! A local government unit may close all nurseries and kindergartens on its area based on existing general provisions.
  • Additional care allowance is paid to parents when:
    – kindergartens and nurseries ale closed by the decision of local authority unit,
    – nursery or kindergarten cannot provide care within restrictions caused by COVID-19.


A progressive return to normality does not release us from following basic safety principles. They must become the foundation of our daily functioning. What should you particularly keep in mind?

  • Keep 2-meter distance from others in public spaces.
  • Obligatorily cover nose and mouth in public spaces.
  • If it is possible, work and study remotely.
  • Strictly follow sanitary rules in places where people flock (disinfection and keeping the right distance).
  • Quarantine and isolation for infected or potentially infected people.