The Szczecin Civic Budget – voting started

The Szczecin Civic Budget is a special type of public consultation whose aim is to involve residents in the decision-making process about how to spend part of the City of Szczecin’s budget. Every year, at least 0.5% of the commune’s expenses included in the latest report on the implementation of the city’s budget are allocated for this purpose. Task proposals that have successfully passed the verification are submitted to direct universal suffrage. Projects with the best results shall be implemented. 

Voting is carried out on city-wide projects, i.e. projects that will be available to residents of more than one district, for which 30% of the funds have been allocated, and local projects, for which 70% of the funds have been allocated. Thanks to this, every resident of Szczecin – regardless of the place of residence – has the opportunity to co-decide on spending funds from the local budget.

The amount Szczecin Civic Budget this year is 17.520 000 PLN

You can vote until 13 december at 12:00 

List of proposals for 2023, details and voting rules:

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