What do epidemiological threat status and closed borders mean for a foreigner?

According to the established epidemiological threat status and the temporarily closed Poland’s borders, the prohibition does not apply (§3 (2) of the Regulation on the suspension of border traffic):

– spouses of Polish citizens,

– children of Polish citizens,

– persons with a Pole’s Card,

– persons who have the right of permanent or temporary residence in Poland or a work permit. Only in special and justified cases (other than the above), the Chief of Border Guard may grant entry. After crossing the border, each person will be checked, medically examined and subject to mandatory 14-day home quarantine. Non-compliance with quarantine may result in a fine of value 5,000 PLN and up to one year in prison.


Although you can leave Poland. However, due to the suspension of rail and air connections, this may be difficult. For this moment opened border crossing points e.g. with Ukraine are:

– Dorohusk- Jahodyn
– Hrebenne- Rawa Ruska
– Korczo- Krakowiec.