What documents should you have on the border?

If you want to come to Poland, you must have the following documents with you on the border:

– valid travel document,
– valid document legalizing your stay in Poland.

Also, Border Guard officers can ask you about the purpose of coming to Poland, request for confirmation of having health insurance for the duration of their stay in Poland, as well as funds for the duration of their stay and return to the country. If you are coming to work, you may be asked to show a document that proves it.

Also remember that even if you have valid documents, the Border Guard may refuse you the entry to Poland. This can happen if:

– you do not present sufficient documents to confirm the purpose of your stay,
– you have a counterfeit or forged travel document, visa or residence card,
– you cannot document health insurance,
– Your data is on the list of foreigners whose stay in Poland is undesirable,
– Your stay may pose a threat to public health and national defence or security.