What if a visa or visa-free travel is ending?

  • If you are coming from Ukraine and you have a biometric passport or you are a citizen of a different country, who is taking part in visa-free travel – after the termination of your type D visa or residency permit, visa-free travel will start automatically (max. 90 days). It is valid in the situation when you haven’t used 90 days of visa-free travel during the previous 180 days (includes all Schengen area).
  • If you are a citizen of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Singapore or Uruguay, you can apply for an extension of your visa-free stay.
  • You can also apply for visa extension, but only if your’s stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland doesn’t exceed one year on a national visa. Send your application form by a registered letter not later than the last day of your visa validity.
  • Another possibility is to apply for a temporary residence permit, but at the latest on the last day of your legal stay – it is very important! Application form should be sent by a registered letter as well – you may point a special situation which is a coronavirus pandemic.
  • Termination of appearing in person and giving fingerprints at the Office appointed during the suspension of customer service will be counted from the date of resumption of direct service without any consequences for the proceedings.
  • If you have not applied for a temporary stay and you have slightly exceeded the period of a legal stay in Poland on a visa or visa-free stay – you can expect an understanding attitude of Board Guards (as the situation is new for all of us) and while leaving Poland there are chances that you will miss the consequences.

NOTICE!!! Lack of legal stay cannot be the reason why you will not be examined or admitted to the hospital because of coronavirus – all you need is just a passport.

Everyone is obligated to undergo examinations, and the lack of health insurance does not prevent it. Costs are borne by the state or an epidemiological station.