What is it worth noting while looking for a flat rental?

When looking for an apartment, pay attention to the total cost of renting it. Charges for gas, electricity, and other utilities are often not included in the rent. The amount of the deposit is also very important. Usually, it is equal to one month’s rent, but it can also be higher. The deposit is a form of security for the owner of the apartment – if you make any damage to it, a deposit can cover repair costs. If you leave the apartment intact, the deposit will be returned to you after the rental period.

Before you decide to proceed with a lease agreement, check whether the person who offers it to you has the right to the flat. This could be verified by showing a notarial deed or excerpt from the land and mortgage register. Check if the owner’s details it contains match those in the person’s ID.

To rent a flat legally, you should sign an agreement with the owner. Make sure that it includes such information as the equipment of the apartment, which the owner makes available to you and any damage that you have already found, as well as the notice period.