What is the Personal Identity Number?

PESEL is an abbreviation of “Universal Electronic System of Population Register”. It is used to collect basic information that allows recognition of the identity as well as the administrative and legal status of Polish citizens and foreigners who live in Poland. To facilitate the possibility of getting to a doctor, to deal with many matters in various offices, as well as to be able to settle accounts with a personal income tax you must have a Personal Identification Number.

If you have a temporary residence registration for more than three months or permanent residence, Personal Identification Number is issued automatically, otherwise, it is issued on request. The application form can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Digitization: https://obywatel.gov.pl/dokumenty-i-dane-osobowe/uTicketaj-numer-pesel-dla-cudzoziemcow.

If you do not have a residence registration, you can indicate the need by creating an e-PUAP account as a basis, i.e. No. 1 point 1 lit. C to the Regulation of the Minister of Digitization of 10.09.2018r. Pos. 1760 regarding a trusted profile and trusted signature. “