When can I apply for a temporary residence permit?

You can apply for a temporary residence permit in Poland by the following reasons:

1. Performing or continuing work in Poland;
2. Performing work in a profession requiring high qualifications;
3. Performance of work by a foreigner delegated by a foreign employer to Poland;
4. Doing business in Poland;
5. Undertaking or continuing studies in Poland;
6. Completing a preparatory course to undertake studies in bachelor’s, masters or doctoral studies in Polish;
7. Conducting scientific research in Poland;
8. Arrival to family members of a Polish citizen or a family member of a foreigner;
9. Being a victim of trafficking of human beings who resides in Poland, cooperates with the authorities conducting proceedings on combating trafficking of human beings and who broke off contacts with people suspected of trafficking of human beings;
10. The intention of joining a family member as a citizen of an EU Member State, a Member State of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) or the Swiss Confederation residing in Poland;
11. Being an underage child of a foreigner who resides in Poland based on a national visa or temporary residence permission, if the child was born during the period of validity of this national visa or temporary residence permission;
12. Being a minor child of a foreigner who is a spouse of a Polish citizen and has a temporary residence permit issued for a family member of a Polish citizen;
13. Other important circumstances whose existence will be proved.
When applying for a particular type of residence permit, you must submit documents that confirm the legitimacy of the chosen purpose. Temporary residence permission should be applied at the Voivodship Office competent for the place of residence. The stamp duty is respectively: for granting a temporary residence permit – PLN 340, for granting a uniform temporary residence and work permit – PLN 440. Fee for the card-issuing: PLN 50.

REMEMBER! A temporary residence permit may be withdrawn when the purpose of the stay for which it was issued has ceased.