Legal stay

Important changes for car owners

On January 1 of this year, regulations on vehicle registration rules changed. Here’s what you need to know: – the previous obligation to notify of the acquisition of a vehicle, has been replaced by an obligation to register it, – an application for vehicle registration must be filed within 30 days of acquiring the vehicle, […]

Residence document is a residence document in the mObywatel mobile application. It is available to foreigners covered by the Special Act who have a PESEL UKR number and set up a Trusted Profile. To use this application, it is necessary to:  • cross the border after February 24, 2022;  • assigned PESEL number (with the stamp […]


CASE HANDLING MODULE – a new website for foreigners  The Office for Foreigners has launched a new website addressed to foreigners. Thanks to it, among other things, it is possible to complete the application for a residence permit.  The newly created website is available in as many as 7 language versions, including Ukrainian, French, Vietnamese […]

Application for urgent consideration of your case (ponaglenie) – official procedures

The general rule of expeditious proceedings is clarified in further provisions of the code, particularly Art. 35 §§ 1 and 3, under which public administrative bodies should act in every case without undue delay, and matters requiring proceedings should be resolved within one month, or two months in particularly complicated cases. The Office have so […]

Temporary protection for foreginers

Temporary protection is a procedure that gives third-country nationals who cannot return to their home country immediate protection. After entering the territory of Poland, foreigners who have temporary protection receive from the Office for Foreigners: – temporary residence permit for a period of one year, – issues a residence card, – medical care, – help […]

New rules for obtaining PESEL for foreigners

On June 1, 2021, an amendment to the Act on the principles of registration and identification of taxpayers and payers enters into force, with regard to the definition of taxpayers whose tax identifier is a PESEL (Personal Identification Number). Thanks to the new regulations, commune offices will be able to issue a PESEL number to […]

What documents entitle the legal stay in Poland?

The most important document that permits staying in the territory of the Polish Republic is a passport. It has to be issued in the last 10 years and it should be valid for at least 3 months after the date of your planned departure from Poland. If the passport expires, all other legalization documents become […]

Who is responsible for a legal stay?

Before deciding for hiring you, your potential employer needs to check are you staying in Poland legally. Nevertheless, the responsibility for your stay’s legalization is your duty. You need to mind the expiry dates of documents that legalize your stay. If you are under the process of issuing a uniform temporary residence and work permits, […]

What are the risks of illegal stay?

As we have mentioned already – you are the responsible one for legalizing your stay. Thus, if you stay on the territory of Poland illegally – you bear the consequences. Remember that even one day of illegal stay may result in your deportation. Of course, if it is your employer’s omission and you haven’t been […]