Obligation to report departure from Poland for more than 30 days

As part of the support implemented by ZUS, citizens of Ukraine also can access programs for families, like Rodzinny Kapitał Opiekuńczy, “Rodzina 500+”, or nursery. 

Nevertheless, the essential thing to qualify for those programs is to reside with a child in our country’s territory. This rule obeys every Polish citizen and every foreigner who wants and has a right to use those benefits. 

ZUS draws attention to it due to much information about groups of refugees returning to Ukraine previously applying for entitlement to benefits. A Ukrainian national departing from Poland for longer than a month deprives them of any entitlements resulting from the special act, including payment of social benefits. Such activities are against the law and will be subjected to control, especially based on the border guard’s reports. 

ZUS is also given additional competencies and the ability to summon applicants to appear in person within three working days to submit explanations essential to correct determination and payment of benefits. If the refugee doesn’t attend, ZUS withholds the payment or leaves the request without consideration. When the refugee appears after the deadline has expired, the benefit won’t be withdrawn by the next month. The submission date won’t matter.

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