First Szczecin Glow-worm Run

Spring is fast approaching, and with it outdoor events and activities, including those aimed at the youngest. Registration is now open for the 1st Szczecin Glow-worm Run. The Szczecin Glow-worm Run is an event that this year for the first time will be organized on the occasion of the Night Run, loved by residents of […]

Gift idea with Szczecin in the background

The limited edition of the 2024 calendar was jointly issued by well-known Szczecin brands “Visit Szczecin” together with “I fly to Szczecin”. The whole project is coordinated by Szczecin Shipping Tourism Events.  The calendar shows Szczecin in unusual scenes. Carefully selected frames, show an unusual, eclectic city, with a green heart in the very center […]

A unique Szczecin lake

Did you know that hidden in the Bukowa Forest is one of the most picturesque places in Szczecin? We are talking about the unique Emerald Lake, which, regardless of the season, is a great place to spend leisure time. This unusual body of water was created in 1925 as a result of a disaster in […]

A Psychological Support Program for Children and Youth is being established

Improving the mental state of young residents of Szczecin, supporting relationship building and learning soft skills – these are the basic assumptions of the City’s Program aimed at students, teachers and parents of Szczecin schoolchildren. The emerging Program of Psychological Support for Children, Youth and Teachers is the City’s response to the problems afflicting young […]

SBO 2024: November 8 start of voting

On November 8 punctually at12:00 voting will start for projects submitted to this year’s edition of the Szczecin Citizens’ Budget. Residents will be able to choose what to cast their votes for out of 149 proposals submitted. The Szczecin Civic Budget is a special type of social consultation, the aim of which is to involve […]

Christmas Market

The city’s most important streets and squares, more than 90 exhibitors, more than three weeks of unique pre-Christmas atmosphere, a whole lot of gingerbread, forest-smelling Christmas trees, tasty dumplings and warming drinks – these are a few words to describe this year’s Christmas Market, which will start on December 1.  In the very center of […]

Szczecin Oktoberfest for the fifth time

Szczecin Oktoberfest has become another traditional event in Szczecin. This year, for the fifth time, Aleja Kwiatowa invites all lovers of the beverage from all over Poland.  The second weekend of October will surely bring a large dose of humor, music and knowledge about the history of beer and its importance in the lives of […]

Recruitment to secondary schools in Szczecin 

What to choose: general high school? technical school? Or perhaps a trade school? These are the dilemmas of students and their guardians The educational reform a few years ago abolished junior high schools, making this year’s recruitment to secondary schools a challenge for local governments and facility directors as well.   According to the assurance […]

Another edition of the “Home for a student” program is launched

Already since 2014, a joint program of the City of Szczecin and the Szczecin Social Housing Association has been offering attractive rental units under the “House for a student” program. This proposal complements offers of renting private accommodation or places in dormitories. This is an extremely interesting option for people from outside Szczecin. An unquestionable […]

Ukraine closer to us

The project “Ukraine closer to us” is implemented by the City Center for Family Assistance in Szczecin. It is directed to people who had to flee the war in Ukraine. The main objective of the support is to mitigate the effects of traumatic experiences through psychological assistance, support of assistants, legal assistance. The effect of […]

Szczecin in 30 films 

The fighting for Szczecin at the end of World War II was fierce and caused a lot of destruction. On April 26, 1945, Szczecin was occupied by the Red Army and on July 5 – Szczecin was officially handed over to the Polish authorities. Szczecin is the third largest city in our country. The characteristic […]

Szczecin Civic Budget

Admission for Szczecin Civic Budget is open! Szczecin Civic Budget is a particular type of social consultation, whose aim is to involve residents in the process of deciding how to spend part of the budget of the City of Szczecin. Every year, at least 0.5% of the commune’s expenses included in the latest report on […]


As last year, the Association of Friends of the Faculty of Computer Science in Szczecin, in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Science of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, is organizing a job fair on 19.03.2023 to establish academic-business relations in the IT industry.  The event will showcase twenty companies from Szczecin […]

Summary of the year

In 2022, the Information Center for Foreigners team was actively involved in activities related to the sudden outbreak of war in Ukraine and refugees arriving in Szczecin. We met with at least 800 people. Many of these meetings were telephone advice and e-mail support.  Refugees turned to us with everyday problems. A safe place of […]

Pension – based information

If you have worked in Poland and Ukraine and are now applying for a pension, read the information below. If you live in the territory of Poland:  1. fill in the appropriate form on provision from ZUS:  2. to the application for a pension attach documents that justify granting you this provision from ZUS and […]

Obligation to report departure from Poland for more than 30 days

As part of the support implemented by ZUS, citizens of Ukraine also can access programs for families, like Rodzinny Kapitał Opiekuńczy, “Rodzina 500+”, or nursery.  Nevertheless, the essential thing to qualify for those programs is to reside with a child in our country’s territory. This rule obeys every Polish citizen and every foreigner who wants […]

Rules for importing animals from Ukraine to Poland

The requirements related to traveling of people with dogs, cats, and ferrets to the EU countries, are covered by special procedures that require animal owners to meet certain conditions. These are primarily a confirmation that the animal has been correctly identified with a microchip and that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies, and this […]

New regulations on employing foreigners

New regulations on employing foreigners 1. Extension of declarations deadline from 6 to 24 months 2. The simplified procedure for granting temporary residence and work permits concerns procedures for granting temporary residence and work permits, which were started before January 1, 2021 and were not completed until the effective date of the Act. This solution […]

Porady EN

Due to the epidemic threat, the Information Center for Foreigners withholds individual and group counseling provided at the headquarters until further notice. Advice will be provided by phone and email. We encourage you to use this form of counseling.