Pension – based information

If you have worked in Poland and Ukraine and are now applying for a pension, read the information below. If you live in the territory of Poland: 

1. fill in the appropriate form on provision from ZUS: 

2. to the application for a pension attach documents that justify granting you this provision from ZUS and will be used to calculate its amount, including:

 • employers’ certificates or employment certificates confirming contribution periods and non-contributory periods in Poland,

 • employers’ certificates or employment certificates confirming the performance of the work in special conditions or special character in Poland and Ukraine,

• employers’ certificates confirming periods of employment and the amount of salary, which was the basis for calculating contributions for social security or pension and disability insurance in Poland (can be issued on the ERP-7 form),

 • insurance card, which contains entries regarding periods of employment and the amount of salary in Poland, 

• a certificate from a university confirming the period of study and its program duration,

 • a military ID or a certificate from the Military Draft Office about the period of active military service, 

• copies of children’s birth certificates.

3. Fill in the appropriate claim form from the insurance institution of Ukraine as well. 

Based on these documents, the pension due to you from ZUS will be calculated, and the application will be submitted to the Ukrainian insurance institution. This institution will consider the application based on its national regulations and decide on the pension.