Recruitment for dormitories in Szczecin

This year’s recruitment for dormitories in Szczecin is still ongoing. A total of over 320 vacancies are waiting for those interested. 

Recruitment to dormitories is carried out for available places. That means that it does not include those who are already living in a dormitory and have submitted an application for continuation of their stay for the next school year within the required period. In total, students from outside Szczecin have over 1,5 thousand spaces available. 

On the website, in the “BURSA/INTERNAT” tab, the possibility of electronically completing the recruitment application with the required attachments has been launched. You can also view the offer of individual facilities and obtain detailed information on the schedule or recruitment criteria. 

Interested students can apply for admission until the 3rd of August. From the 9th to the 13th of August, candidates participating in the recruitment process must provide via email the chosen facility with a scan or photo of a school admission certificate. The preliminary results of this year’s recruitment will be announced on the 16th of August. Then, the qualified candidates will have time to submit a declaration of will to live in a dormitory (the 16th-the 20th of August). Importantly, as in the case of submitting a school admission certificate, this document should also be sent to the institution by email. The final results of recruitment will be announced on the 21st of August at 14.00.

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